Hwy 467 Weather Station 


The Sparta 467 Station is using the Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station. The Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 line of weather stations retain all the great features of the original Vantage Pro line but now incorporate many additional features and improvements! 

The Davis Instruments 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 with Standard Radiation Shield includes a 1,000' Ft signal to connect between the Integrated Sensor Suite and the display console.  This upgraded weather station has all the features that made the original Vantage Pro so famous, yet adds many more features such as button realignment to make navigating to often-used functions much easier; a redesigned rain collector that is laser-calibrated to ensure the best accuracy possible; and a re-tooled Integrated Sensor Suite with upgraded electronics. The Wireless Vantage Pro2 also has a fifth radiation shield plate to improve accuracy and readings! 

The Model 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 consists of a console unit and an innovative integrated sensor suite that includes a rain collector with self-emptying bucket, temperature and humidity sensors and an anemometer. The sensor suite is housed inside a radiation shield, protecting the sensors against solar radiation and additional sources of reflected and/or radiated heat. 

In addition, this high-tech Model 6152  Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station will track highs and lowsconsole(and/or totals and averages) for almost all weather variables for the past 24 days, months or years and track your local forecast! 

The Model 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Weather Station from Davis Instruments includes a 100' signal cable and other features such as on-screen graphing, forecasting using easy-to-read icons (sunny, cloudy, rain, snow), barometric pressure trend, inside temperature, dew point, humidity information, time and date, and much more! 

Vantage Pro2 weather stations from Davis Instruments are the best for amateur weather observers and weather professionals alike!

Weather Station

Hwy 467 West 
Sparta, KY 41086



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